About us

The Company was founded in 1995 by Mr. Hezron Awiti Bollo in Mombasa Kenya, where our headquarters are still located today. Mr. Awiti a Belgium trained logistics manager has been in the freight and forwarding industry for over twenty five years. He already had a vast wealth of experience working for the major international freight and forwarding firms including AMI International currently SDV Transami and Rapid Kate Services for over twelve years as branch and operations manager prior to founding Habo group of companies which Habo Agencies is a constituent of. His specific goal for establishing the company which is still upheld to date was to offer a select clientele with reliable and efficient freight and transportation service.


Habo agencies limited’s Vision is to be the leading Freight and forwarding company of choice in Kenya trusted by all stakeholders, recognized  and a reference success story for the East and central African region by the year 2015. 


Our mission being enhancing internal efficiency and further influencing external efficiency among stakeholder authorities with an aim of meeting and surpassing our clients and all other stakeholders expectations.


Our motto “go for the best service” ensures that we endeavor to provide unmatched service to our esteemed clients by being big enough to handle their global business and small enough to handle their individual cargo efficiently.


At Habo agencies we do believe that leadership is not just about size and position but also about behaviour, trust, reliability and consistency. We recognize that trust is earned over a long period of time by consistently delivering on promises. This is why we have always been together with our clients every step of the way and we will endeavor to maintain the mutually beneficial relationship we have always enjoyed into a greater future


Our selection and recruitment processes are very transparent, stringent and ensures that only the best get to join our team of experienced, well trained and motivated staff. Being an equal opportunity employer we are proud of our highly balanced, competent, well trained, experienced, committed and motivated staff making it part our strength that differentiates us from the competitors, hence the unmatched customer service to our esteemed clients.
We believe in tailor making solutions to suit your business operations by constituting a dedicated team that will seek to comprehensively understand your individual company needs and discuss all available solutions to guide you into making an informed decision in selecting the optimal position.